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How to change the oil on a Huoniao HN125-8 / Honda CG125 motorbike
How to change the oil on a Huoniao 125-8 / Honda CG125 motorbike

Oil is very important in your motorcycle and it needs changing regularly. The first recommended change is at 300KM, and then every 1,000KM after that. These bikes take 1 litre of 10/40 semi synth motorcycle oil.
As you can see in the picture under step 4, my oil was pretty dirty, I had the bike serviced at 600KM and it'd done 1,600KM in that picture.


1) Get a photogenic motorbike.

[Image: change-oil-cg125-01.png]

2) You're going to need some tools.
  • 17mm socket and ratchet
  • 23mm or 24mm socket and ratchet, (some bikes have been known to use a 23mm socket but mine was 24mm)
  • A tub, preferably 2litres
*The screwdrivers are because I was doing some carb adjusting as well.
[Image: change-oil-cg125-02.png]

3) Identify where the oil filter and the oil drain plug are located.

Below you can see the oil filter circled - It's on the left side of the bike.

[Image: change-oil-cg125-03.png]

Another shot, this time from underneath. 1. Is the 17mm drain plug and 2. Is the 24mm oil filter plug.

[Image: change-oil-cg125-04.png]

4) Unscrew the dip stick on the right hand side of the bike then unscrew the 17mm drain plug directly underneath the engine and let the oil drain into a container. The container needs to be larger than 1 litre as these bikes take 1 litre of oil.
It's recommended to warm the bike up before changing the oil, aka 10 minute ride round. *Let the bike sit for 5 minutes to allow the oil to drain back down

[Image: change-oil-cg125-05.png]

5) All your parts, to the left is the oil filter, make sure it's clean before putting it back in. (I cleaned mine in some petrol)

[Image: change-oil-cg125-06.png]

6) Now to fill up your bike, you fill it up through the dip stick hole on the right hand side of the bike. Make sure to measure with the dipstick afterwards. (Oil should be inbetween the XXXs)

Tip your bike from side to side when you're draining the oil.
This procedure is very similar for other bikes as well, Sukida, Honda CM 125, Lexmoto Vixen etc.

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