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My story: Me and my Huoniao HN125-8 (Hunny)
My story: Me and my Huoniao HN125-8 (Hunny)

Well it's certainly been... interesting.

Getting started
  • Order your bike
When it arrives, take all of the protection foam off and check that everything's there, no wobbly indicators etc. If it's all fine, (which it should be), then check the tank, there may be a drop of petrol in there, if not pop down to the local petrol station with a fuel can and get £10 of petrol. Fill her up.
IMPORTANT: The fuel tap has 3 settings, ON, OFF and RESERVE. Make sure that the fuel tap is set to the main tank, (Big tab facing down), the side is off and the big tab facing upwards is reserve.

Start the bike up, if it's not starting either try flipping the choke to the middle or give it a bit of throttle when you're starting.

Good. So your bike starts and idles fine.

Registering and taxing your motorbike
Because the Huoniao HN125-8 is an imported bike you have to Insure the bike before you can register it. You need to register the bike on its VIN, (Vehicle Identification Number) with an insurance company such as rampdale.

You then take your certificate of insurance to the DVLA, hand them over £55 to register it, then £16 for a years Tax. This isn't the end.. you then need to wait for your registration number and tax to come in the post before you can then go and get a number plate made. (Local shop / garage, £15)

Accessories you need
  • L plates, I recommend fixable plates
  • Tax disc holder
  • Rain cover
  • Lock
  • Chain Lube
  • ACF-50 (Anti-corrosion for the chrome)

  • Helmet
  • Gloves
  • Jacket
  • Pants
  • Boots

When mine came, I washed it down with hot soapy water, dried it off with a towel so it didn't streak then gave it a good spray with some ACF-50, as well as lubing the chain.

Where can I get the bike?

Where can I get insurance?

Owners Club
These guys know everything there is to know about this bike..

[Image: IMG_0125a.jpg]

Ride safe!
You get a haynes manual for it?
[Image: nomnomnom.jpg]
The decrypt code is V, I could not make it any simpler!
The manual should be here next week. For the basics I needed I got a simple PDF version of it and the rest I googled or asked the owners club. :tongue
Dam that things all pretty and shiny, nice ride mate.
[Image: bustedtees.07e3d5a3-8bf6-4c9a-8f85-5bccf2e28120.gif]
They work a lot better if you don't throw them on the ground, Mark Smile
[Image: Bulbasaur_by_bigsharn.jpg]
As you do...
(19-06-2011, 11:20 PM)Mr. President Wrote: Dam that things all pretty and shiny, nice ride mate.

Thanks man!

bigsharn Wrote:They work a lot better if you don't throw them on the ground, Mark Smile

The Hunny has not been dropped. There was a small incident with a door and a mirror however.

...And the fairing.
[Image: Bulbasaur_by_bigsharn.jpg]
As you do...

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