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My bicycle trailer.
Well I figured it's time I started doing my own modding, especially seeing as there's nothing else to do on my days off since I got this fucking cold. For my trip to Sonisphere I need a decent amount of carry space on my bike, enough for changes of clothes, food and drink, and camping equipment. I just bought a set of Altura Arran panniers to sort out the clothing issue, then ran out of space, hence I need a bike trailer.

Now we come across a slight problem, being a cheapskate, I can't afford a bike trailer of any sorts. Some of the most basic trailers are Child trailers but are nowhere near the size of cargo trailers (which is what I actually need). Let's go and have a look at some "cheap" bike trailers:

The adventure CT-1 single-wheeled trailer - Best price online - £163

The adventure CT-2 dual-wheeled trailer- Best price online - £128
[spoiler](If you also said "dual-wheeled" out loud just to sound cool, you win an e-cookie.)[/spoiler]

Bumper (near-unknown brand trailer) Best price online - £101

So getting a cycle trailer seems an expensive business, even the clones from Ebay go for £75+, so it seems, building one would be a better idea.

I'm going to be honest here, this is less a build log and more of a modifications log. Because I am about as ham-fisted as they come, I'll just be getting something that already carries stuff around, and adapting it so it can be used on my bike. The main thing to bear in mind about a bike trailer, is that it has to be attachable to a bike, and you need to be able to ride your bike with it attached, so things with castors as wheels (shopping trolleys, swivel chairs, beds) are out of the question. The fact that I plan on travelling at a decent pace also means that using things with smaller or solid wheels is also off the cards (Goodbye kids' ride on toys, micro-scooters).

So bearing these ideas in mind, I present to you my victim:

(Spoiler for low-bandwidth)
[spoiler][Image: IMAG0065.jpg][/spoiler]

A sack trolley that I acquired off Ebay, brand new for the extortionate sum of £25. (a far cry off £75, wouldn't you say?)

And just to give you an idea of the actual size of this thing:
[spoiler][Image: IMAG0067.jpg][/spoiler]

Yes, it does come up to my chest, I reckon it's a good 4ft 6" tall, and more than capable of carrying what I need (and maybe a few not-so-vital supplies:grin).

Progress to follow when I finally get started Smile
[Image: Bulbasaur_by_bigsharn.jpg]
As you do...
Well, here we are with update 1 (yes, that is a near-two hour gap between posts) and I've got as far as installing the floor(?)
[Image: IMAG0068.jpg]
The floor
[Image: IMAG0069.jpg]
The supports

I've stretched wire mesh between the upright bits of the trolley and called that the floor., I intend to cable tie these later (which I need to pick up from the pound shop on Friday) but for now they're holding as they are. I've also added two strips of mesh to hold them on (as a just in case they give up measure).

For the moment it's still upright because I haven't the means (nor reason) to mount it on my bike yet. This is also the reason I've left the top section as it is, I plan on mounting it using the handle, some parts I have lying around and some more parts that the pound shop will provide.

And no, I don't plan on leaving it canary yellow, it's to get me to a festival full of metalheads, it WILL be getting a paint job before it's called finished Smile

Ok, not a major update, but still an update Smile
[Image: Bulbasaur_by_bigsharn.jpg]
As you do...
Quote:And just to give you an idea of the actual size of this thing:
[spoiler][Image: IMAG0067.jpg][/spoiler]
That happy chappy, or a SHARN is around 5ft something in height, making that yellow thing 4ft. :roll

so far so good, I'd like to see how you go about attaching this though, and what about sides?
Sides, what are sides? And we'll have more progress on attaching this next week :p
[Image: Bulbasaur_by_bigsharn.jpg]
As you do...
Sides are the things that stop things falling off.
That's what bungee cords are for Wink

Back on topic, there won't be an update this week because I've agreed to work my day off, but next week (hopefully) I'll be painting and attaching it for the first time if all goes to plan
[Image: Bulbasaur_by_bigsharn.jpg]
As you do...
At least you are staying productive Meatloaf. You look so happy in your pictureThat stain on your mammory is a bit odd. When I look at the old needs a paintjob structure behind you I think of Evil Dead 2 where Ash is battling his possessed hand "Workshed!"
So when the trailer is finished I think we would all like to see a pic of you pulling it down a busy street. Does a bicycle trailer need tags? It would seem with your greedy government that they would find a way to tax that thing.
[Image: icpn5k.jpg]
Trolls are the last thing you need to be concerned with.

VCD Wrote:// Forever more, count and reply, bitch.
As much as it may be a surprise to learn so, the only taxes that our government put on bicycles are income tax (from businesses run from bicycles) and VAT (our version of sales tax, which happens to be 20% at the moment). I think the government are trying to convince people that bicycles are the best form of transport to use for shorter journeys.

Personally I have insurance on my bicycle as well, for third party, accidental damage and breakdown cover (I get a taxi home paid for if the bike goes crunch).

The stain on my mammory is blood from a nosebleed earlier that day, so nothing TOO alarming, and the shed is delapidated on purpose, to deter thieves, by their logic:
If shed has lock
    Shed must have valuable stuff in it
    shed empty
end if
If shed looks pretty
    Shed must contain valuables
    shed's not worth bothering with
end if
So there is method behind the madness Smile
[Image: Bulbasaur_by_bigsharn.jpg]
As you do...
With the price of gas, I hope that governments will do all that they can to increase the amount of people riding bikes. It is really the best solution all around. If you need to transport it somewhere, perhaps a nyc moving company could help. I understand that the winter months may prove hard, but the rest of the year should not be a problem for riding.

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