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Offline NT Password & Registry Editor updated 2014
07-04-2014, 10:02 PM
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Offline NT Password & Registry Editor updated 2014
Offline NT Password & Registry Editor updated 2014

Offline NT Password & Registry Editor, finally got an update in February 2014 after a 4 year hiatus.
2 new commandline functions are:
samusrgrp: a command line tool to add users to groups or remove users from groups. Users and groups must be local (cannot be domain / AD). It can also list the groups with their members in several forms, the output can be used in scripts of course. Listing groups will also list domain users that are members of the group (if any), but it will not be able to look up the name, so it will be listed as a SID only.

sampasswd: Password reset from command line (scriptable) Or list users in SAM file in a few different formats.

More information and the bootdisk can be downloaded from

Bootdisk history

Automatics for you: Auto search for windows on all disks! NICE!
New major feature: Full local group membership edit now working!
That means the promote user to admin feature won't mess up!
The user edit menues has been changed a bit, now easier to get out and I hope more logical.
More and newer drivers.
However, drivers have bloated!
So: Old ISA stuff is out. PCI(e) SATA/ATA/SCSI support only.
Also, less sata-overethernet/ata-over-avian-carrier and all that, since some of those drivers are really huge (and avian carrier rather slow)
Tried to focus more on home systems rather than servers.
If my bootimage does not have drivers for your system, you can try other boot images (live linux, for example ubuntu) and run the "chntpw.static" executable from the commandline. See the FAQfor more info.

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