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Emigration to UK vs English language skills
26-07-2012, 05:51 PM
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Emigration to UK vs English language skills
I have completed technical secondary school this year (I'm 20) in Poland. I work as freelance web developer for 4 years (PHP very good, MySQL strong basics, HTML excellent, CSS excellent, JS/AJAX/jQuery basics).

So I don't have academic education yet. I'm planning to start studying computer science this year, but I hit on an idea to emigrate to London (or Dublin/Amsterdam/Madrit/Barcelona maybe?) for one year, then come back to Poland and start studying here. The goal is to improve my English skills, enhance some work exp, get to know how living abroad looks like, meet new people/cultures.

My main fear and problem is English language level. Usually I don't have problems with reading and writing, but speaking and listening is not my strong competence. My English isn't fluent and is not very good currently (I think it's communicative, but in small/middle level).

My experience: > 30 websites (with CMS, etc) [within this few bigger portals], few computer programs. I worked in a advertising agency (half year in 2010); now I cooperate for 1,5 year with another ad agency which gives me websites to create. I will try to get references from most of my clients and from my bosses of that advertising agencies.

What do you think, do I have some chances to get some job as junior web developer / PHP programmer?

Thank you in advance for your help and advices. Regards!!!

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