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How to reboot in to safe mode from Windows 7 – F8 Not Working?
08-03-2012, 10:17 PM
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How to reboot in to safe mode from Windows 7 – F8 Not Working?

How to reboot in to safe mode from Windows 7 – F8 Not Working?

Booting into Windows Safe Mode requires repeatedly pressing the F8 key during the POST, the process your computer goes through before it boots into Windows. Sometimes, however, pressing the F8 key in any way or at any time just won’t work for example your keyboard isn't recognised at POST.

Windows 7 offers you the opportunity to enter Safe Mode the next time you restart your computer. In addition, there are various options available using this method that are not available using the F8 method. Read on to learn how to force Windows 7 into Safe Mode the next time your computer restarts.

To restart your computer into Windows 7 Safe Mode

1) Begin by clicking on Start and then Run. If your Windows 7 Start menu doesn’t have the Run option showing, hold down the Windows key on your keyboard and press the R key. Whichever method you use, you should now be looking at the Run dialog box. Type msconfig into the run box and click OK.

[Image: PIC01.png]

2) You should now be looking at the System Configuration window. Click on the Boot tab to see all of the boot options Windows 7 has to offer.

[Image: PIC02.png]

3) Locate the section titled Boot Option on the System Configuration window. Here you can check the option titled Safe Mode. Notice that Minimal Safe Mode is the default Safe Mode option. You need to change that to “Network” instead of Minimal. (aka safe mode with networking)

[Image: PIC03.png]

4) Windows 7 will then ask if you want to Restart Now or Exit Without Restarting. Click the Restart Now button and your computer will restart in Safe Mode.

[Image: PIC04.png]

[Image: engrish25.png]

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