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Networking Issues
10-02-2012, 03:55 PM
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Networking Issues
Hey Mcompute guys,

Im not only new to this Forum but also its my first thread, and my Tech Skills are just above average, so go easy on me......
that being said, the scenario....

in a nutshelll......

I moved into a student complex in sept, got a pretty good deal due to the lack of occupants here and everything was all inclusive bar electric bill, meaning unlimited broadband !!! I was extremely impressed to say the least ! could'nt believe my very luck since i had a real bad year financially wise from the previous year! (ex girlfriends and child and courts, dont worry im not gona go there !):redcheeks:
So i quickly set up my wireless router and to my astonishment was getting anything between up to 3-4mbs/per second on the bittorrent network (via Utorrent client) :roflmao: Needless to say, it was like walking up to xmas morning, EVERY MORNING ! :yeye:

Nice eh??? that was until i came home one early morning in December (Oh the irony !) Smile after college to find the network was down, although i was connected my browser had difficulty finding the DNS, it stayed like this for the most part of the day.....All kinds of things were going through my head at this point, was the manager on to me, had i tore the arse pocket out of the bandwidth?? etc..... and because of these very reasons didnt like the idea of approaching him and bringing it to hes attention :redcheeks: but surely enough we were back up and running the following day.......

Only this time........Things were different.........a lot. :wtf:

The first thing i noticed was my Utorrent was dead in the water.......NOTHING. Unplugged, Reset router, restarted pc blaaaah, NO-THING ! So at this point knew there was something up, so i tried an online proxy......NOTHING ! Tried a few bittorrent links, Demonoid, Mini Nova, Kick ass, NOTHING, hit a brick wall every time :banghead:
Looked like our Manger had decided to get onto hes ISP to set up some savvy new firewall or something ! :gratte:
ok i thought to myself relax, there has to be a workaround.......
Then, I had heard of Jap before but i rembered it being painfully slow, so opted to go with TORS BUNDLE instead Ok so i download tor it worked a treat, great for browsing anyway ! but it was'nt enough i needed utorrent bck, i felt like i lost a limb without it ! :gratte:
first i reconfigure the LAN setting to a proxy address..... (Tors) port 8118

and reconfigured Utorrent using the settings
Socks 5--> Proxy:>Port:9050
needless to say, this didnt exactly turn out like planned,

SO i browsed some more, read that VUZE Formally K A Azureus, worked uch better with Tor on the BT network, and to much of my surprise actually worked ! :blackhat: i was getting speeds of anywhere between 20kbps - 300kbps(Tops!) Problem is its extremely inconsistent Up and dowm like a whores drawers and Is just a complete head f*ck ! ! ! when i know that were probably on a 25 - 50 Mbps allowance before the firewall!

Im at my wits end here folks and any help AT ALL would be much appreciated, im a fast learner and a very eager beaver :thumbsup:
Thanks in advance techguys !
11-02-2012, 04:31 PM
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RE: Networking Issues
Hey GmanLimerick, first off welcome and I've approved your other posts as well!

So you can browse the web fine?

First thing I'd do is go to and see what speeds you're getting normally.

I'd then configure utorrent to use port 80 and see if that makes a difference.

Is this internet for the whole complex or just your apartment?

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