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Free IM Chat Witihin Networked WIN XP Computers
28-11-2011, 09:37 AM
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Free IM Chat Witihin Networked WIN XP Computers
There is a little known program which has the capability to have Instant Messaging Conversation between users of networked computers. This is useful at large networked companies or schools even XD
First Click Start>Run
and Within the Run Box enter 'winchat.exe'

[Image: wcemtg.jpg]

You will then be faced with a window as such -

[Image: 2ezmz34.jpg]

You then click the Dialler in the corner, Select the network and the networked computer you wish to dial to and there you go! An IM link is set up Smile

[Image: 110w2dc.jpg]

Version: 3.1
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