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How to do Reverse Image Search (Find Source of Any Picture)
13-11-2011, 01:36 PM
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How to do Reverse Image Search (Find Source of Any Picture)
Yesterday I found one interesting image ( an excellent cartoon image by a genius mind) in my friend's laptop and I asked him where did he get that picture. He said he doesn't know where did he get the image. So he cannot help me to find the source of that particular image. Unfortunately the image's name is also not very much helpful. That picture does not have any name but some numbers. There was no trademark or logo in that image which made it is extremely difficult to find out the actual place where did he download that image. The only option left is to do a reverse image search and find out the source of that image. Google seems not much helpful in terms of reverse image search (no option to conduct a search with image) so I started checking for other online services which offer reverse image search and tell us the place where we got that image.

Online Tools to do Reverse Image Search

There are some useful online tools which do reverse image search and probably tell the location where we got that image. Some of the well known reverse image search engines are:

1. Tineye - a reverse image search engine

One of the popular reverse image search engine is Tineye. Here you should either upload an image from your computer or show the exact URL of an image hosted in a website to conduct search.

[Image: tineyereverseimagesearc.png]

After uploading image, it will very soon display the image search results. This service seems faster than I expected.

[Image: searchimagesfast.png]

Link to this service: Tin Eye

2. RevImg - Reverse Image Search Engine

It is another reverse image search engine which offer an additional feature to select the category of the image. Here too you can either upload an image from your computer or paste an image URL on the Search bar.

[Image: revimgsearchengine.png]

Link to this service: RevImg

3. Google Images for Reverse Image Search-THE BEST

Another important reverse image search tool is Google images. Google images offers a way to conduct reverse image search by uploading an image or specifying the URL of the image

[Image: googleimagesearch.png]

You can either upload an image from your computer or specify the URL of the image or just drag it

URL: Google Image-The Best

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