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Patent FAIL!
26-10-2011, 12:05 AM
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Patent FAIL!
Read the article. That shit it messed up, you can not award a patent for already existing technology to a single company. Especially when it's being used by multiple people, apple did NOT create gestures on the lock screen regardless. They had a slide motion, fairplay, they get that. Whatever.
Android came up with the pattern, stop trying to claim we're stealing your shit. You moraleless bandits. Respect the system, before the system fucks you.

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31-10-2011, 11:52 PM
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RE: Patent FAIL!
I just saw a commercial for the new IPhone 4GS that shows people verbally asking their phone questions, such as "Why am I such a tool?" or "Where is Steve Jobs buried so I can give him a nice post mortem blowjob"? I think it would be funny if Google sued them over the voice to text translated over cloud servers. It is far more likely Apple will come out and say it was their idea originally and that Google used time travel to go into the future and steal the idea, allowing them to release it in the past. Hey, Apple IS fucking retarded after all.

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