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Hodge podge post.
(28-07-2011, 03:26 PM)WARLORDTF Wrote: I intend to join this intriguing physics debate once I have consumed some caffeine. Shame that the ignorant persons had to troll and caused the nature of this post to go at a tangent. *sigh*
Also, I must take my blue eyes out and put my brown ones back in.

I reserve the right to troll my own threads, but I don't do it for the reason real trolls do. ie "I (con)troll you!"

That is merely the nature of my sense of humor- representing an apparent randomness that actually manifests due to my train of thought.

The hodge podge post does not contain serious subject matter that must be adhered to. It is merely a springboard to get these fellas talking.

This just in! Retraction! The universe is NOT a hologram.
Having long hair is great until you have to pull a footlong out of the dog's butt. flatank.blogspot.com

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