Full Version: Your favortie pair of shoes..
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That one pair of shoes that you love, or just use all the time..Post em!

Here are mine, I got them yesterday, and I love them! Though I did hate changing the shoe strings..stupid flat laces. :glare
[Image: 2zi7ewy.jpg]

Oh and Favorite*
Yes, I know..this topic is very random.
Pair of size 14 Lonsdale black trainers for me, or some unbranded size 13.5s for when I aren't working
Sharn needs bigger shoes for when he's "working". I have no input, i come here to troll. :sorry
[Image: troll.gif]
Depending on the brand, I'm a different size (which as weird as it sounds, is true).

Hence the above post... When wearing skate shoes I'm usually a 13
my favorite par of shoes is Asics BIKU CV
i love my brooks
Not really shoes but.. my motorbike boots :nod:
I wear Brooks also!
the winter boots Smile
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