Full Version: What web browser do you use?
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I use I.E all the time. I am to lazy to install anything else.
I use XP, and Ubuntu. I'm just saying a lot of PC users out there now are on Vista 32-bit
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(02-07-2010 10:22 PM)T3hRogue Wrote: [ -> ]It proves a lot, and bear in mind not everyone has upgraded to 7 yet

Then upgrade to XP. -.-

Fixed that for you

Ah, thank you kind sir. Tongue
I use a different browser on each monitor. IE8 to the left, Opera to the right, Flock up top, and Firefox with Speedyfox and flashblock center ring on the 22 inch. They always open in this way and it makes me smile warmly.
There are many browsers are available but i prefer Mozilla Firefox because of its easy to use,faster and more flexible compare to other browser.It has also advance features which does not have in other web browser.
I shall end this bickering immediately for I use Mozilla Firefox, and It is not just my opinion but FACT that Chrome is the same to Firefox as Macintosh is to Windows. Chrome is fancier, skips many of the crucial steps to get to your goal - basically arranged so retards (or Americans) can understand and use it without Nuking the world. Whereas people born with more than 2 brain cells to rub together can appreciate and modify relevant settings and variables to not only produce a result, but a result second to none - I am one of those people who just about makes that criteria and manage simply to be a power user of Firefox.
Being a power user of chrome is like being the power user of the on button to a manufacturing plant, not being able to manipulate any part of the process to a basic sausage-like result. Need I say more, and that pathetic 'diagram' is much out of date, to my knowledge firefox 3.2 was out then? We are now on 5.0.1 therefore that data is defunct.

5.0.1 is still damn buggy Tongue
I haven't had any issues on 5.0.1 so far.
@drum same ^^
I've had a fair few on COC (text based online game) and a few crashes, it's not as bad as IE, but it's nowhere near perfection
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