Full Version: Check if trimcheck is enabled on an SSD - Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1
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This program provides an easy way to test whether TRIM works on your SSD. It uses sector calculations to avoid searching the entire drive for the sought pattern. It also pads the sought data with 32MB blocks of dummy data, to give some room to processes which may otherwise overwrite the tested deleted disk area.

The program will set up a test by creating and deleting a file with unique contents, then (on the second run) checks if the data is still accessible at the file's previous location.

You can download a compiled version from

Place this program file on the same drive you'd like to test TRIM on, and run it. Administrator privileges and at least 64MB free disk space will be required.

[Image: trimcheck01.png]

[Image: trimcheck02.png]
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