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How to fit an aftermarket head unit / radio in to a Fiat Grande Punto (ACC Live)
27-05-2014, 06:16 PM (This post was last modified: 27-05-2014 06:28 PM by Mark.)
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How to fit an aftermarket head unit / radio in to a Fiat Grande Punto (ACC Live)
How to fit an aftermarket head unit / radio in to a Fiat Grande Punto (ACC Live)

Getting Started
First off you will need to follow my other guide first which tells you how to get a switched ignition live for your head unit because the OEM radio is controlled via canbus. So your radio will not power on.

[HOW TO] Find a switch / ignition live in a Fiat Grande Punto for Radio / Head Unit

Step 2 is to remove the OEM radio, find a guide here.
Fit an aftermarket radio HU in Fiat Grande Punto - Step 1 Remove OEM Radio

And if you're interested here is the radio that I installed
Quick look at the Erisin ES788G Aftermarket Car Head Unit (ES788EN)

And a video of it all working. Ignore the Audi logo this was before I figured how to manually upload a Fiat logo.

Gather all of the wires that came with your new head unit (radio), the most important is the power ISO cable / harness. Plug one end in to your radio and the other in to the existing wiring on your car. As you can see from the second image here I had to cut the ACC wire and put a bullet connector on to it I then connected the ignition live wire I made in my other thread and bullet connected that one so the head unit will power on.

[Image: HUInstall001.JPG]

[Image: HUInstall002.JPG]

Next plug in the aerial. You may need an aerial adapter. I also used an extension cable because the OEM aerial was really short for me.

[Image: HUInstall003.JPG]

[Image: HUInstall004.JPG]

Plug in the rest of the required cables, there is a lot on mine because of all the features including GPS, iPod, USB etc..

[Image: HUInstall005.JPG]

Then just slide the radio back. I had to use additional mounting brackets and it took forever to maneuver the cables from the back so that it would fit.

[Image: HUInstall006.JPG]

If you have a fascia make sure this fits. I had to cut bits out of mine. Got it off eBay for £5.

[Image: HUInstall007.JPG]

And here it is finished

[Image: HUInstall008.JPG]

Problem Troubleshooting
My newly installed radio will not power on.
The OEM radio in the Fiat Grande Punto is switched via canbus.
Things to look for:
Take a feed from an ignition switched live (such as the cigarette lighter socket) and replace the current "switched live" on ISO wiring harness of your radio (NOT the car). That way you will have a proper switched live so your radio will turn on and off with the ignition. May also be labelled as an ACC feed.

I want my radio on all the time, not just with ignition.
You do not have a permanent 12v live feed to the HU / radio.
Things to look for:
The replacement unit should use ISO standard connectors, the instructions with the new unit will show what is expected.
I have NOT tried this but have read it on the Fiat owners forum.
If you connect the red and yellow wires together (ACC and LIVE) (normally inline bullets in the harness let you do this without cutting wires). This configuration will leave the radio permanently on and you will have to switch it on and off yourself. Yellow wire is Permanent live & Red wire is switched live.

[Image: engrish25.png]

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