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Cydia App Bite SMS full Licence
08-09-2013, 10:07 AM
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Thumbs Up Cydia App Bite SMS full Licence
:pirate:This is how to upgrade the BiteSMS to full version

1JailBroken iDevice
2.UDIDFaker cydia app heres the repo( )
3. BiteSMS heres the repo (

1.after installing BiteSMS open it then you will receive a message saying its a free 3days or 7days trial just ok it

2. then open UDIDfaker scroll down until you see the BiteSMS touch it

3. you will see in the bottom of it is a Original UDID and the bottom right Random UDID choose Random UDID

4. then open BiteSMS again you will receive another message then see your lisence in the setting.

ITS FULL congrats

REMINDER dont remove the UDID faker if you remove it the BITESMS will malfuction

its 101% working

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