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Weight Gain Supplements?
22-12-2012, 05:47 AM
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Weight Gain Supplements?
Quick excess body weight has become a popular interest among youngsters these days and every thin and intelligent guy wants to build muscle tissue to increase his picture in his social group.
But think for a second that is it possible to put on body weight fast without providing any change in schedule lifestyle, diet program and physical activities? How you think about weight gaining supplements? I think they are not effective of for health.Kindly assist me for being friendly with you.
Any assistance would be appreciated !
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RE: Weight Gain Supplements?
I've taken a weight gain supplement while training, It was called Critical Mass. If you find it hard to gain weight the first thing to try would be eating more (Important to be good food, not just junk). If you're eating 6 times a day and still struggling I don't see a problem with taking a shake, most gainers have protein in them as well.

I don't advise taking a gainer if you're not training otherwise It'll just turn to fat.

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