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Vidahost | domains £2.79 | .com domains £6.49
13-10-2011, 07:52 PM (This post was last modified: 21-10-2011 01:34 AM by howtothings.)
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Vidahost | domains £2.79 | .com domains £6.49 | domains £2.79 | .com domains £6.49

We all know Vidahost, I've got a few sites hosted with these guys.
With their new site that went live on 7th October I went for a look around when I found out that they sell over 300 TLDs with at a stupidly low £2.79! .com only coming in at £6.49 as well.
Unfortunately, I've got mcompute registered over at godaddy until 2013 at £6.19 a year..

So I decided to register a new simply because it was so cheap.

And I thought you know what the guys over here at mcompute love my pictured tutorials!

Coupon: "mcompute" (10% off)

1) Head over to and either register yourself an account or click on domains at the top and get started. Basically put the domain name in that you wish to purchased and check the domain availability.

[Image: vidahost-domain-01.png]

2) Choose the TLD, (Top level domain), you want e.g., .com or .net etc.

[Image: vidahost-domain-02.png]

3) It's that simple. Fill out some more info like below.

[Image: vidahost-domain-03.png]

4) Confirm your order, optionally using a promo code such as "mcompute".

[Image: vidahost-domain-04.png]

5) Choose your payment method. Paypal is accepted.
In the order notes optionally you can put something along the lines of is awesome for a surprise!

[Image: vidahost-domain-05.png]

6) Invoice.

[Image: vidahost-domain-06.png]

7) My.Vida - My Domains. Here it is, your new domain.

[Image: vidahost-domain-07.png]

If you need hosting for your new domain, check out their hosting packages and check out our coupon codes in another thread here:

[Image: engrish25.png]

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