Full Version: Large database table mybb_debuglogs MyBB forum
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I've just been doing a bit of house keeping on a forum after merging it from IPB to MyBB.

The database was pretty big for the size of the forum so I looked in MyBB to find the suspect.

mybb_debuglogs was 141.5 MiB

Table Action Rows Type Collation Size Descending Overhead
mybb_debuglogs Browse Browse Structure Structure Search Search Insert Insert Empty Empty Drop Drop 144,103 MyISAM latin1_swedish_ci 141.5 MiB -

Select drop to remove it.

You are about to DESTROY a complete table! Do you really want to execute "DROP TABLE mybb_debuglogs"?

It was created during the merge system and is not needed for day to day
MyBB use. If you merge went ok then delete it.
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