Full Version: Fitting an Inline fuel filter on a motorbike [HOW TO]
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Fitting an Inline fuel filter on a motorbike [HOW TO]

I've been having a bit of trouble with my bike lately. It felt like it was being starved of fuel, suspected valves needed adjustment, a fueling problem or blocked jets.

I took the fuel tap off to first check that fuel what getting in to that OK, it was.. that's when I noticed an orange gunky substance was entering the fuel view bowl. Very odd. I ignored it at first which I shouldn't have..

I googled how to fit an Inline fuel filter and posted up on the Huoniao Owners forum ( where I got the same answer get a filter, cut the fuel hose and put it in the middle.. job done. It really is that simple.

So my current bike is a Huoniao HN125-8 which also can be rebadged as Lexmoto Vixen HT125-8 and Superbyke RCC.

These are the tools you'll need.
  • Fuel Filter
  • Pliers
  • Fuel hose
  • Hose clamps
  • Scissors

I sourced my parts off eBay.

The fuel filter is a regular 6mm rectangular Inline fuel filter (£2), the fuel hose has an Inner diameter of 5mm giving it a snug fit (£2 per metre). The clips / clamps are 9mm (£2.50 for 10).

Installation of an Inline fuel filter is based on an arrow, which should point towards the carburetor. I also made mine point downwards slightly to help the flow of fuel.

After it has been fitted check it a few times for warping due to heat, loosening of the fittings and leaks.

[Image: Fitting-Fuel-Filter-01.JPG]

Here it is kind of in action, the space between the fuel tap and the carb is really tight... I had to take the clips out as the pipe wouldn't bend with them on. The 5mm snug fit proved useful here.

[Image: Fitting-Fuel-Filter-02.JPG]

[Image: Fitting-Fuel-Filter-03.JPG]

[Image: Fitting-Fuel-Filter-04.JPG]

Why should I fit a fuel filter?

I had this filter fitted on a Thursday, I rode the bike up and down the road that night to make sure It wasn't too restrictive. I didn't ride the bike on Friday, this is what It looks like when checked on Saturday..

[Image: Fitting-Fuel-Filter-06.JPG]

[Image: Fitting-Fuel-Filter-07.JPG]

This is what came out of my tank.

[Image: Fitting-Fuel-Filter-05.JPG]
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